In 2003, Isotech Products Incorporated developed and brought to market a new type of memory foam called “MemoSorb”.

Owing to its unique hydrophilic cell structure, our “MemoSorb” PU material has the ability to regulate heat and humidity very well.

Unlike conventional memory foam, “MemoSorb” products provide users a cool, dry, and comfortable feeling, and will retain a soft texture even when used in cold environments.

“MemoSorb” was awarded the certificate of REHACare Innovation Dusseldorf in Germany in 2003.

rehacare“MemoSorb” hydrophilic memory foam has the following properties:

  • Softness in Low Temperatures
  • Pressure Relieving
  • Moisture Absorbing
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Comfortable Feel
  • Non-toxic

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